Spirit Dome Qigong


Qigong gives us an archetypal structure we may use to perceive the truth of who we are in this moment.

Live Streaming Qigong Classes May & June 2022

Spring class schedule: Live weekly online and in-person Qigong classes with Brian Schock.

Tuesdays from *10.30 to 11.45 – Morning Medical Qigong. A harmonizing and balancing series of qigong designed to regulate the zangfu (yin/yang) organs and nurture a sense of well-being and connectedness.
Thursdays from *10.30 to 11.30 – Qigong as Movement Meditation. Archetypal forms which harmonize the heart and mind, regulate the circulation and breath, strengthen the legs and knees, and generally support integration of body and spirit.

* Greek times +0300 UTC

The general format of the classes is that we start with a short meditation followed by about 15 minutes of internal qigong, stretching and other qigong warm up exercises. Then standing qigong takes us through the remainder of the class.

Throughout the classes and especially during the standing qigong portion of the class I delve into pertinent topics related to Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine (TCM & CCM) and Taoist philosophy from my background in having practiced and studied these for numerous years. These topics tend to include, but are not limited to: 5 Element theory, yin/ yang theory, channel/ meridian theory and acupuncture point location as well as the effect the seasonal changes have on our physical and energetic organisms. This may include information and qigong practices for reinforcing our immune systems during these unprecedented times.

The price is 10 euros per class.

Contact me on Facebook, Whatsapp (+30 697 807 4464) or by email: traveling.meditating@gmail.com.