Are you interested in making long-term life changes? Do you feel that there is more to life than what you see just ahead? Are you curious about a spiritual path?

If you are seeking a way to:

  • engage your mind, body and spirit in a vital physical practice
  • increase your energy and vitality
  • improve your diet
  • lose weight and gain strength, naturally
  • relieve tension and stress, stagnation and blockages
  • regain a sense of spaciousness and possibility
  • tap into the harmony and opportunity in the universe
  • overcome obstacles to your personal, spiritual growth
  • awaken your true nature

…please join us.

Spirit Dome Qigong is the result of more than a decade of profound private study of yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, taijiquan, dance and above all, qigong.  Spirit Dome Qigong combines a dedication to personal growth through self-awareness and commitment to the increase of energy and vitality.  Mastery of these values is effected through personal practice. Integration of these values amounts to a modern approach to personal, spiritual refinement. Through refinement and through contact with one’s private, physical body, we return to intuitive ways of knowing.