About Atithi


Image: Ioannis Stampoulis

“Qigong touched me from the beginning”

Atithi (Brian Schock) is an internationally known teacher of qigong, yoga and sacred sexuality.  His interest in qigong began when he was a beginning level practitioner of yoga in Portland, Oregon.  “Qigong touched me from the beginning.  I felt as though I were lifted and transported and then returned to see my body from a different point of view.”  From that moment qigong became a foundation in his life.

Qigong and yoga became the source and return, the growth and the stability, the foundation from which he would move into the world.  “I am profoundly committed to growth through integration.  After studying qigong and yoga for many years in the U.S, in 2009 I began a journey through Europe, Northern Africa, India, Nepal and Thailand to deepen and refine my experience of these modalities and to seek new therapies such as massage, meditation and dance that became essential components of Spirit Dome Qigong. I believe that a disciplined sacred physical practice is my personal path to transformation, authenticity with myself, and eventually to self-mastery.”

Atithi currently lives in Athens, Greece and teaches workshops, events and classes at his partner’s dance studio, Χοροχώρος in Holargos (the physical site of Spirit Dome Qigong.) He continues to travel to Europe, Asia and North America teaching that which, through continual refinement and disciplined practice, unceasingly becomes his experience of the old ways to offer them to seekers of the present day.


Qigong & Taijiquan- Atithi is a Certified Mogadao Qigong Guide.  Though he has studied various forms of qigong, his primary source of understanding and influence of this art is Master Zhenzan Dao.

Sacred Taoist Sexuality- In 2014 Atithi completed his certification to become a Guide of Sacred Taoist Sexuality in the Mogadao tradition.  The following teachings and techniques are the Taoist elements of Atithi’s repertoire to be shared during private sessions, couple’s sessions and in class and workshop settings.

  • Mogadao Internal qigong
  • Taoist self-cultivation practices for both men and women and cross- gender people
  • Sound Healing techniques through qigong toning
  • Taoist sexual physiology
  • Healing sexual positions
  • Mogadao external qigong forms for men and women
  • Women’s hormonal protocols for menstrual complications, fertility and during pregnancy
  • Diet regimes for sexual health and vitality
  • Qigong for transgender people and the LGBT community

Tantra-  Atithi and his partner Kalpita (Victoria Noumta) completed the 3-year Soul Mate training with renowned Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.  They have created their own web-site (Tao and Tantra) which is dedicated to the co-mingling of these two vast traditions and the belief, through experience, that they compliment and refine each other.

Yoga- Atithi’s yoga background is more diverse and longer lived than qigong.  It includes studies with Sivananda yoga in Kerala, India; Agama Yoga in Rishikesh, India and Ko Phangan, Thailand; and with Mogadao.

Meditation- Through the course of his spiritual journey across Europe, the Indian subcontinent and southeast asia Atithi became interested in the inner process of meditation.  He includes Vipassana, Hridaya (Sacred Heart), Raja Yoga, Mahayana Buddhist meditation, tantric transfiguration and the variety of OSHO meditations as influential on his path.

Thai Massage- From the winter 2010 to the spring of 2011 Atithi lived and traveled in Thailand and received two certifications for northern and southern styles of Thai massage: International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, and Crystal Healing in Ko Phangan.

Reiki- Atithi is a second degree Reiki practitioner.  He is conscious of drawing Reiki in qigong, yoga and in massage.

Dance-  Dance and other forms of ecstatic movement are essential tools for self-awareness.  Through personal experience with meditative dance in India and elsewhere Atithi has come to know this deeply.  In 2011, with the collaboration of his partner, Kalpita, he created Qi Dance.